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Monday, July 25, 2011

Steampunked! ....also hosted a game at the house.

Well a little update. Yesterday we hosted a game here at the house we played some 40k. We had 2 guys to a side and 3000 points a side and we had Chaos Space Marines verses Space Wolves and Celestial Lions. 
A list of Highlights:
  • Hearing the sound of a chainsaw revving as Abbadon began tearing through squad after squad of Celestial Lions.
  • Watching a Pack of my Grey Hunters receiving a charge from Kharne the Betrayer, taking it, and them mashing his head to goo with a power fist. The same Pack then assaulted a Chaos Lord and killed him too.
  • My wolf scouts squad came in behind a stationary land raider and blew it up with the trusty melta bombs. Only to be shot by the Squad of Thousand Sons and blow their leadership test and run off the table. ... and yes I did have a Wolf Guard with them. GAH!
  • The game ended with Logan Grimmnar and Abbadon standing toe to toe.
The game was a draw since it was Annihilation and we were tied on Kill Points. But I know I had alot of fun and hope everyone else did too.
Next time I think we are gonna have to try a drinking 40k. If you roll a one in any batch of dice you have to take a drink. If you roll a six in any batch of dice you make the opponent take a drink. thought this would allow you to continue playing because at first it was going to be every 1 and 6 you rolled. We think that would be too much if you wanted an opponent to finish playing the game.

Okay enough about that. On to my hobby update and that would be Malifaux. I have pics of my basing of my Lady Justice Gang. I am going for a western dirt rocky look. when I get them done I will have tufts of dead grass on them too I think it will work. Here are some pics:
 I also got Kimber's bases done for her Leveticus Gang. I hope she likes them. She wanted Leviticus' base to have a trap door "that leads to the sewers" she says. So at first I was going to make an iron ring trap door, but I thought I would make it like a steampunk hatch. Also I was directed by Kimber that  Rusty Alice had shell casings from her shooting all over her base. Here are some pics:

then of course I had been on the look out for an O scale Locomotive to use as a terrain piece. Kimber stated she absolutely wanted to have a piece that represented the train from our world that brings everyone to the town of Malifaux through the portal. Having been checking Ebay and all over, we ran across this at Hobby Lobby on Saturday. It is a decorative locomotive.This was $24.99 and I could not pass it up. this is normally the kind of thing that I joke is made by 5 year old Chinese children in a sweat shop. It costs them 50 cents to make but are selling it at a huge mark-up. This is almost perfect scale and with some small tweaking it will be used. I was thinking of extending the front stack and adding a cow pusher to the front. BTW I put Lady Justice on top to give a scale reference.

I hope everyone has a fun week. My next update will be hopefully some of my Malifaux figs with some pant on them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

..a week of recouperation after Geeking out with our Minis Out!

Sorry for the delay in posts. In recouping from my trip to Wargames Con and coming back to work for a 60 hour work week.

Wargames Con Follow-up:
  •  Prize handouts and no swag bags differing than advertised was a DISAPPOINTMENT.
  • Meeting Romeo and Kyle from BattleFoam and 40K radio, a PLUS.
  • Meeting other 40K Radio Freebootas and dragging Romeo and Kyle to Bikinis, a PLUS.
  • Re-introducing an old friend that had been away from 40K for 12 year plus and introducing his son to 40K, a PLUS.
  • Having a tire blowout on the MOPAC Highway 1 in Austin, a DISAPPOINTMENT.
  • Eating at Franks and learning the joys of Chocolate Covered Bacon!, Mega PLUS!
  • Picked up some water bottles that are in the shape of the UT tower. Gonna use these as terrain pieces! I am thinking the pillars of a suspension bridge. a PLUS!
  • I picked up 15 Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Knights for $42 when normally it's $30 for 5, a PLUS!
So all in all, we ended up in the positive.

While in Austin we hit Dragon's Lair. My wife, having been surrounded by the "geekery" and her interest in steam-punk had corrupted Joe and I into picking up some Malifaux teams. 
We all picked up different teams. 
Kimber picked up a Leviticus team.

Joe picked up a Collette team.

..and I picked up a Lady Justice Team. (I love the Death Marshals models!)

I have my team based and primed, I just need to start painting them. 
I also made a trade for more Space Marines and seriously bolstered my Celestial Lions. I have several squads of marines and scouts that have now been stripped. There will be updates. I have found some awesome bases from Dragon Forge that have inspired me to strip and re-base all of my Space Wolves. Blargh!
On my last Saturday of my Comp-cation Joe and I hit the FLGS, Astral Castle in Midland and we both got in 2 games. I broke out my Swarmlord and my Tyranids the first battle I faced some Space Wolves and got worked because there was no cover. Highlight of the game: a Rune Priest cast Jaws of the World Wolf and my Carnifex survived with a roll of 1! Second Game I faced off against Space Marines and won by holding 2 of the 4 objectives and he held none! 
Keep an eye out I will be making updates...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celestial Lions, HOOOOOOoooooo!

Just over a month (5-31-2011) since I started this re-paint project and I cannot believe I have been able to complete this much:

The total tally:
50 Space Marines (20 Devs, 20 Tacs, and 10 Sternguard)
10 Terminators
5 Scouts
2 Rhinos
3 Land Speeders
3 Dreadnoughts

and 5 Legion of the Damned:  The legion of the Damned is the only thing in this army that I did not paint or re-paint

Note: I still have one character that needs a paint job. It will wait till after Wargames Con. Then the rest will be expansion

To give you an idea of what the whole army looks like on a board.

Land Speeders! and I do not mean like Luke Skywalker's

Wow! Has it really been less than 24 hours since my last post?
Here they are, 3 land speeders complete all the way from primer to complete. Unlike the other models in this army, these were not yet painted. In addition the land speeders were my first expansion to my Lions. At current they are my only Fast Attack choice. I know, I need some Vanguard Vets and assault marines. Well they are coming in time. I envision my Celestial Lions to be more shooting oriented than my Space Wolves.

Now I can relax and breathe easy since they are all painted for Wargames Con!
I will see about a full army pictures later. For now I have to tide you over with the land speeders.

OMG the gold and blue have made me cross-eyed.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dreads that go, "Roooooaaaarrrrrr!"

Wow, with about 12 hours of work I have completed 3 dreadnoughts and 2 extra arms that are magnetized. Only one of the dreadnoughts is magnetized. Blue and gold it’s all I can see!

Here is a shot of what they looked like before I started.


This is the dreadnought that has the magnetized arms.

This is the Apothecary dreadnought that is pivotal in my additional storyline. He is what has meant the difference for the Celestial Lions in being a surviving chapter instead of dying or extinct.

Now just 3 more land speeders!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lions in Rhinos!

Okay with a total of about 5 and ½ hours over the past 3 days. (Working 3ea 12 hour shifts over 3 days will restrict your paint time, go figure.) I completed the 2 rhinos I have so far. The storm bolter and Techmarine/cupola are magnetized. The Lion’s Head on the back of the rhinos I cast in green stuff, from a push mould I made of super sculpey and an original sculpted lion’s head in green stuff. So without further ado what do ya’ll think? Now If I can knock out my 3 Dreadnaughts almost as quickly I might have a chance of finishing the 3 land speeders in time for Wargames Con. Wish me luck!

Here is an example of what one looked like before starting and the one on the right is the one about midway through.