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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update! Sorry for the delay.

Well it's been way too long since my last post. Sadly, I was waiting for that order of Malifaux figures and Terra clips to come in. They are finally in.  I removed all the pieces from the card stock and edged them with a black marker. There were alot of pieces to remove! The only real criticisms I have about the Terra clips is, they could have used a sheet inside to describe some of the parts and how they are used and the ladders are very spindly and I already had to glue one back together. Aside from that they look great and I cannot wait to try it out. 

I also have started selling LED Wrecked Vehicle markers. So I have been busy building up some inventory of these.

They are going for $5 each plus shipping. I am also throwing in a spare battery which will give an extra 72 hours of illumination. Let me know if you are interested in some. I have already sold 26.

I am also sad to report I have no advancement on my Ortega crew. :( 

Warning! Medical Note: Big expensive sounding words may be used below!
This is partially contributed to the fact I have a condition called corneal erosion. What happens is the extreme outer epithelial layer of my cornea can come off. Either the "glue" that holds these cells to the next layer is not as strong as it used to be, or the cells are not covering up to make a complete layer. This leaves a rough section on my cornea or lens. Living in a desert does not help this condition. :) Initially the condition was discovered when I woke up in severe pain, what had happened was my eyelids had stuck to a small section of my corneas while I slept. When I opened my eyes, they ripped this epithelial layer off! Yea and it does not sound as bad as it felt! So the solution, keep my eyes wet, and at night I now have to use an ointment to put in my eyes to keep them lubricated while I sleep. But a couple weeks ago I woke up having ripped some fresh cells off my eye, when I didn't not get enough ointment in my eye one night. Needless to say this can severely hamper my ability to see and makes bright lights flare and sting.

But I have not been completely hobby-less my vision is returning to normal and I have started a new army for Warhammer 40k. I have joined the Green Tide. I am building an Ork Army. So I have been madly assembling stuff and making modifications to make what I have into a working force. I have some pics of my grey (but will be green invasion) and how it's invaded my work table. 

I have always enjoyed at how much character the Orks have and hope to have lots of fun with them. I have already set aside an old rhino that will soon be a Looted Wagon:
The Orks have these little one ork helicopters called Deffcoptas: I have been adding buzzsaws which are meant to be used in close combat against vehicles or foot troops out of plastic styrene sheets. Here is how they are looking:

You will definitely see more updates of these as I get things done.