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Friday, May 25, 2012

Ultramarine Drop Pod Teaser

Okay I can now say publicly, that the Drop Pod model is kewl looking but SUCKS to put together, and or paint!
I thought I would post up a teaser. Since this is for the Ultramarines 2nd Company, I tried to break up the whole lotta blue on the pod by trying some yellow on parts of the fins. I started with a base coat, then tried some older golden yellow over the top of it but the older paint just wouldn't cover the foundation. The big wider areas in comparison to a space marine's shoulder trip is a vast difference. I think I salvaged the yellow with some yellow glaze, a shadow of Gryphonne Sepia Wash, and a highlight of the new GW Flash Gits Yellow.
Here is a shot of a pedal with the base coat of Ultramarine blue and the yellow done:

I also have a shot of the interior work, it is very quick and dirty, but I think it works. Oh, and yes the weapons are magnetized.

Well, just thought I would post this so show some progress and not make ya'll wait weeks or a month for updates.

Be Good!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sorry for the delay....

Hello all. Sorry for the delay, I have been working lots of hours with few days off and have neither been able to play anything or make any advancements on any projects until this past weekend.

I have finished the Ultramarine assault squad that is part of an ongoing commission. This squad is highly modular  with quite a bit of magnetizing.
All of the following can be changed out: The packs, jump packs, the Seargent's left close combat arm can be swapped for 3 different weapons, the Seargent's right hand can be replaced for 2 different pistols, or a comat shield, one of the other marines his right arm can be swapped out to hold 2 different pistols, and I almost forgot the Metla bomb is magnetized to the Seargent's right leg.

Here are some pics with different load outs.

I aslo did kind of a purplish pink engine glow on the jump packs inspired by the Space Marine video game. This pic was before i finished it. I went back ans smoothed the glow some. I was working with some new paints and was trying to get a feel for them and how to work with them.

Sitting on the table in the painting que I have a drop pod, a veneral dreadnaught with multiple weapon options, and a squad assault terminators with swapple arms twin lightning claws or thunder hammer and storm shield. I think the next will be a couple of Tactical squads so he can begin playing with them.