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Monday, October 17, 2011

But wait, there's more WAAAAAAGH!

I have been working more on my Orks build. I put together a 3rd Trukk. I also built my Battlewagon. I am slightly disappointed that the Games Workshop did not put all the options in the box, no Kill Kannon, no Deth Rolla. Really, Games Workshop? Oh Well. At least with the Orks I feel free to do some building and make it feel Orky. I built the Battlewagon and left some pieces un-glued, but secured magnets or made clip on pieces that I could change out the build of the Battlewagon. 
Here are some pics of the Magnetic mods:

Of course any self respecting Warboss will need a Deth Rolla to make his Battlewagon a proper one. I sat down and decided to scratch build a Deth Rolla that will "pop" on the front of the Battlewagon and replace the reinforced ram. Here are some pics of the scratch build. Believe it or not, those are actual Games Workshop large figure bases!

Well, there it is. My next project I will take attempt to take an old Space Marine Rhino, and make it into a trukk shaped like a small Pirate ship! Stay tuned. Maybe if I can get through the build phase I can get to starting some painting.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Wow, The Orks have really sparked my imagination and creativity. I want to get to pain ting, but I am build mode. I have done some more work on my deffkoptas.

I added some twin linked big shootas.
I built a power klaw from scratch.
I modified 2 warbuggies with Rokkit Launchas.
I scratch/scrap built 3 Zzap gunz.
I did some work on my looted wagon.

More updates will be coming. I am still very excited about playing this army and building it. Hope you all enjoy the updates as I am having generating the update content.
Until next time, DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!