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Monday, January 23, 2012

A bit more WAAAGH!

In the past week I was able to finish 2 more Orks. An Assault on Black Reach, Ork Warboss that I modded with an attack squig. The other is a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field that was also modded. I added a burna and some lightning between the coils on his pack. 

Onto the pics:
First the Warboss

 Now onto the Big Mek. I attempted some more OSL (Object Source Lighting) Using the lightning as the source. The Burna was a skorcha from a spare plastic Killa Kan kit. I removed the Fuel barrel on the rear of the skorcha and attached it to the back of the pack. I used some wire and some Hudson & Allen barbed wire for scale model kits to make the arcing lightning or energy.

I still need to finish basing the Big Mek but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. 

On another note this past weekend I was off for the first time in a while and was all geared up to play a game of 40k but it was not to happen. But Joe got a game in and we broke out the Battle Missions book and Joe's Sisters of Battle took on Chaos Space Marines. It was kinda neat to watch. For a Battle Report click on his link to his blog to the right of this post. Titled the Battles of the Sisters of Battle.

Well, till next time keep it pointed straight up there!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A new year, a year older, and updates.

Well, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. This update has come later than I had hoped. Working Christmas and New Year Weekends and turning a year older seems to settle in some melancholia. Wow, did I just use a $20 dollar word like melancholia in the proper context? 

I am a member of the 40 Radio Freebootas. It is a paid forum that is a great group of guys that are very supportive and encouraging. They are also a very talented group of guys that enjoy the hobby and playing Warhammer 40k for the fun of it. I can honestly say that 40k Radio helped re-kindle my interest in the hobby that is Warhammer 40k. The Freebootas are a great group of guys, and a girl here and there.
The 40k Radio podcast can be found on iTunes or here:

For the Christmas season the Freebootas can sign up for Deep Striking Santa. Where you are given the name of another participating Boota and they send them a gift. Well I finally got mine from my Deep Striking Santa. He assembled and painted to match my army a Finecast Ork Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field. I was speechless. Here are some pics:

Thank you Dark Angel 13!

My hobby time this week was re-directed to organizing and straightening the shelves in the Mancave. I set up 2 of the shelves as displays. So Joe and I could display figures, instead of keeping them packed away all the time. I installed some lights and built some neutral colored foam core display areas to keep the figures from falling through the wire shelves. Here are some pics.
Believe it or not, this is VERY organized. :)
Here is a close up of of the figures in the display.

I also used some craft foam and made some damaged vehicle templates to use for games. I will see about getting some pics of them later. So until next time, Keep it pointed straight up there!