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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Been a while, Sorry for the delay (Duel Con, Tyranids and more Ultramarines)

I am sorry this has gotten stagnant that was not my intention. Been working overtime at work and had precious few minutes to hobby or play. With the release of Warhammer 6th edition rules by Games Workshop  there has been much scouring over the rules. Some really big changes that seem to make the game more dynamic and cinematic.
In addition I realised that Duel Con is just around the corner. Here is a link to the site for anyone interested in going.
I was initially only interested in playing in the Warhammer 40k Narrative Game. But I ended up teaming up with another 40k Radio Freeboota and we are also going to play in the Warhammer 40k Team Tournament. Now the thing about team tournaments is that you are supposed to have fun with it. The team should a name, a theme, costumes, etc. Well we decided to play off the power gamer theme about armies being "cheesey" so my Space Wolves will be joining some Grey Knights and together we will be team Adeptus Cheddarus: Queso Diem! We have taken some of the units that make these armies, "cheesey", I really do not expect to win the tournament, but we plan on having lots of fun. I hope to take pics trhough out the Duel Con and will post here. To tide you over I took some pics of our Display board and the hats we will be wearing for our theme.

With the release of 6th edition a new unit type has been greated and getting lots of buzz. Flyers. Sadly, I also came to the realization I had only one army that was really painted to make a showing at Duel Con and that is Tyranids. I also had no fliers for that army, and I am sure I will be facing lots of them at Duel Con. So I moded up a Hive Tyrant with some Wings to fly around and wreak havoc amongst my enemies. I now have him painted up along with some Raveners and some Shrikes (Winged Warriors).
Here is a couple pics of the build for the Hive Tyrant.
....and here he is painted, and pics of the Raveners and the Shrikes.
Now back to the grind, I have some Ultramarine Devastators to paint for Duel Con for another Boota. So until next time...