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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Painting advancements on the WAAAGH....

Despite having some serious back pain this past week, I was able to shuffle out to the mancave and get some progress on my first mob of regular boyz. This is 10 Choppa/Slugga boyz, one big Shoota boy, and a Slugga/Power Klaw Nob. I decided that they would have denim-like shirts, and like a dirty, worn brown canvas pants (like some carpenters wear). The idea is the armor plates including shoulder plates, will be blue and white. These should then "pop" visually on the table top. Also trying to get them looking cohesive with those Killa Kans. We shall see if my plan works. Okay, enough rambling on to the pictures!
Here are some pictures with completed skin, warpaint, and faces.

Here are some pictures of the completed pants and  accoutrements.

Hope to have more done this week even with Thanksgiving. I will post next weekend. Try not to eat too much.Till next time, keep it straight up there!

Monday, November 14, 2011

WAAAGH update...

Well, I was able to get the one monster un it of gretchin and 3 runtherds done, and did a simple base job on them. I know they are old school models but I am really happy with the way they came out. It's so easy for everyone to do the dirty rusty orks. On the other end of the spectrum was the overly bright complicated paint jobs that go back 20 years to the second edition of the rules set. I think there can be a happy medium of scratched, scraped paint and bright colors. I have tried to mimic the paint job a great friend does where he finds that great balance. As I stated in the previous post he did send me the killa kanz and I received them I already enthusiastically based them to mach the gretchin. 
Here are the gretchin and runherds. I also included some closeups.

I have decided to paint them in units. Thank God I don't have more units this large!
So what do you all think? I will try to be sure to make weekly updates. Until next time, Be Good!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The WAAAAGH Continues...

Hola followers!
Sorry for the delay in posts. When work is taking 32 hours of my Friday through Sunday it has hampered some gaming and hobby weekends. I was able to get in one game with my new Orks against new Sisters of Battle. I made some mistakes took a beating from the exorcists, but with only a Zzap gun and a single mob of boyz left I pulled out a draw. Okay I am sure you are done hearing about the gaming and want me to get onto to Hobby pics.

When I started on Orks, a great friend decided he was going to give me 3 painted Killa Kans. He told me I could re-paint them if I wanted, but when I saw the pics no way I was going to repaint them, as a matter of fact I am gonna paint all my stuff to go with them. Here is a pic he sent me of the 3 Killa Kans:

So I did some more modding making some old ork boyz into Runtherds.
Finally got my self a purple hart:

I started painting my unit of gretchin and the runtherds. All the models are older versions as you can see on the Ork's clown shoes that were predominate about 20 years ago.I think they are coming out well. I painted 5 to get the colors I wanted.
This is the rest after 2 days of painting, then I need to flock all the bases when I get them all done.
I did some free hand details on the Runtherds, the shoulders and the back plates.

I also got an addition for my Deffkoptas off Ebay for $20. I introduce to you the Red Barork!. and yes his prop is motorized!

 So that is where I am at right now. I am going to see about a re-match against the Sisters of Battle with the same lists. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Until then be good!