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Thursday, June 30, 2011

... You've got to have character

I got my Captain Leonidas (I use the rules for Cato Sicarius, since he is actually a Cato Sicarius figure)
Of course you also need a Librarian, summoning a psychic flame in his hand.
Now if my Space Wolves would come together that quick.... LOL

Cub, Scouts?

I cannot believe it's just over 24 hours from my last post and having finished the scout squad I only have 2 characters left to paint of the current foot troops.
I subdued the armor and tried to stick to a brownish color for the jumpsuit they wear beneath the armor. I always feel scouts should be more subdued in color but still appear color-wise a coherent part of the army they belong to. I know the faces have much to be desired, but again I am going for a quick paint job and am more concerned about how they look as a coherent army on the board.
What do you think?

With only 4 more days left till Wargames Con

Here is my Wargames Con Checklist (of things I would like but will not necessarily complete).
  • Finish painting the last of my termagants so my Tyranids are complete- CHECK
  • Re-Paint Celestial Lions Troops- CHECK
  • Re-Paint Celestial Lions Vehicles: 2 Rhinos and 3 Dreadnoughts
  • Make new flying bases for the Celestial Lions 3 Land Speeders
  • Finish painting Space Wolf Grey Hunters
  • Finish basing some Space Wolves
  • Organize Celestial Lions, Space Wolves and Tyranids for Travel.
  • A ton more of stuff to do....
Oh well I better hit the sack. Night! or good morning to most of you!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lions, OSL, and Terminators! Oh My!

Well after about 12 hours of work total over the week I have painted all 10 of my Terminators for my Celestial Lions. The weapon load out is as I received them. The only physical thing I added to any of the models was a White Lion of Chrace pelt that I found in my bitz box, I put it on one of the Sergeants. I also had to free hand some stylized Lion Heads on the right shoulders.

By the way if you don't know OSL is the acronym for Object Source Lighting. It is short for painting the suggested light source that would be created by the a part of miniature. Such as a weapon firing or a glowing power weapon.

So here they are in all their glory.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Warhammer 40k: Celestial Lions Space Marines 3rd Company

I picked up these Celestial Lions Space Marines from a fellow gamer back in February of this year. Funny thing is, this chapter is only mentioned in a few bits of fluff it has grabbed many peoples imagination. Many people have been making this chapter to play with on the table top. Their colors are blue and gold. I even know a person that has played this chapter for a few years now. So when the opportunity came up, I grabbed them. Well, once I got them home, I began working on them. I wanted them to make a bigger appearance on the table top. I also made the conscientious decision to quickly repaint these. I had no intention of making these Golden Demon quality, but making them look good on the table top.

I have a picture of what they looked like before I started.

Now I have 5 complete 10 man squads. Two tactical squads, two devastator squads, and a sternguard veteran squad.

I will post more but this is where it's starting. Since I am painting my Celestial Lions right now that is what you get to see first.

In about 12 Days I will be at Wargames Con in Austin, TX. I will definitely be making a blog post in the future about my trip there.