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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dark Angel Update..

Well again I have been negligent on updating my blog, go figure. Real World has been getting in the way. Mid January I drove to almost the middle of nowhere for a tournament in Booker, TX. Google maps it if you don't believe me. However, had an absolute blast. Thought I would post some pics of the finished models I took to Booker, TX.

Another Set of Deathwing Terminators:
Some Ravenwing Bikes:
My Custom Belial, with magnetized arms to swap weapons:
An Ageis Defense Line in back with a Christmas Present of Forge World Air Defense Battery
I magnetized the icons so they could be swapped out and used for different armies:

Thanks for your time, hope you like the paint jobs


  1. Looking good. I really like the Air Defense Battery!

  2. Thanks, I took it to a recent tournament and they actually fared really well.