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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Duel Con 2012, from the ashes arise another army.... Dark Angels

Wow, has it been weeks since Duel Con already? Had a great time met up with a great bunch of guys. Lots of laughing and lots of gaming. Here are some Pics:

At Duel Con I found some awesome bases to use for my Dark Eldar and have started assembling them. They are very small and spindly compared to when you are always working with marines. I also have traded off my Tyranids for Dark Angels. While waiting on more of those sculpted bases to come in from Wargamma, I decided to try throwing some paint on some Deathwing Terminators. The Deathwing are supposed to have "bone colored" armor. So here are the steps I used to get the bone coloring.
  1. White Primer
  2. GW Gryphonne Sepia or Seraphim Sepia
  3. GW Bleached Bone
  4. GW Skull White

Here is the finished Test Model

This paint job is meant to be a "Quick and Dirty" paint job, that is meant to look good on the table top and not meant to be any Crystal Brush or competition quality army or model. I am pretty satisfied and think it will work.

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